Swell Oase Biotec Foams

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Keep filter maintenance costs to a minimum by replacing your worn out Oase foams with these Swell Uk Oase Biotec Foams, giving you the same awesome performance but for less.


  • Biotec 5/10 Fine - Red Sale
    code: SWLA0034 In stock Only 2 left in stock
  • Biotec 5/10 Coarse - Blue Sale
    code: SWLA0033 In stock Less than 10 in stock
  • Biotec 5.1, 10.1, 30 Coarse - Blue Sale
    code: SWLA0036 In stock Less than 10 in stock

Product Information

Swell replacement foams are perfectly compatible with the Oase Biotec 10.1 and the Biotec 30 filter systems. They are also suitable for use with older models of this filter - 5/10 and 5.1.

The foams are available to buy singly so that you can build up your filtration system to suit your own specifications. Coarse, medium and fine variations are all available which will filter out various sizes of grime and waste.

These foams are made to the same high quality as the brand names, but because they are part of Swell's own brand range offer great savings on price, without compromising quality. So it's easy to restock your filter and ensure that your garden pond is running smoothly.

Oase's range of pond filters are designed to offer maximum performance and results with convenient features, multi stage filtration process and intelligent technology. The Biotec range is especially perfect for heavily stocked Koi ponds.

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