Swell Reducing Hose Mender

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Adjust your pond hose to the right diameter with this Swell Reducing Hose Mender, making the most of your pipework and reducing the need to buy new hose.


  • 19-13mm Reducing Hose Mender Sale
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  • 25-19mm Reducing Hose Mender Sale
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  • 32-25mm Reducing Hose Mender Sale
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Product Information

If you need to reduce or increase the size of Flexi Pipe to fit on your pond pump, pond filter or water feature then the Reducing Hose Mender is the right fitting for you. Simply choose the size you need from the list, and add to your basket. 

Our own brand fittings are made to the same high standard as all of our pond and aquarium equipment and offer top performance at low prices, everyday!

One supplied.

Product Specification

Product Weight Size Guarantee
Swell 19-13mm Reducing Hose Mender n/a 19-13mm n/a
Swell 25-19mm Reducing Hose Mender n/a 25-19mm n/a
Swell 32-25mm Reducing Hose Mender n/a 32-25mm n/a

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