Swell Submarine Large Halves

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This Swell Submarine (large, in halves) won't be surfacing for air any time soon. Instead it's a cool aquatic playground for your fish, and doubles as a fantastic aquarium ornament for you to view.


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Product Information

As the Swell Submarine Large Halves comes in two parts, you can arrange it wherever you choose to create the illusion of a doomed submarine.

It's a dramatic piece, which is enhanced by the superb detailing and authentic colours. The damage to the sub makes it a fantastic habitat for fish. Adding some plants and rocks too will make it a real feature.

Suitable for freshwater aquariums, this piece is non-toxic, thanks to the safe materials used.

The large size of the piece makes it ideal for a big aquarium.


58cm x 10cm x 15cm (23" x 4" x 6")

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