Swell Sunken Galleon

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Swell Sunken Galleon will make your aquarium all shipshape! This finely detailed model is like a pirate ship that took one too many cannonballs!


  • Sunken Galleon
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Product Information

The Swell Sunken Galleon is the perfect accessory to add a historical edge to your aquarium.

Made to a high standard, the shipwrecked sailing ship has lots of details such as cannons, ladders and more. The sails may be long gone but this galleon still adds charm to your fish tank. The body of the ship has crevices and holes which offer an exciting home for fish.

It's made from top quality materials, which are non-toxic and safe for fish and plants. 


27cm x 10cm x 11cm (11" x 4" x 4")


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