Swell Turtle Food

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Swell Turtle Food is a natural high protein food made from river shrimp, gammarus and tubifex, designed to better replicate their natural diet for their health and happiness.


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Product Information

Swell Turtle Food is a natural high protein food for turtles and terrapins. It is intended as a treat to be fed along with your pet's usual fresh food.

High in protein, this dried food supplements your pet's diet and makes sure that he has the perfect diet for healthy growth and development.

Typical analysis: Protein 52.9%, oil 9.2%, fibre 6.4%, ash 15.9%.


  • River shrimp
  • Gammarus
  • Tubifex.

Don't overfeed your turtle or terrapin, as this can cause a waste build up in the tank. Remove uneaten food after 10 minutes to reduce the amount of waste build up. 

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