Swell White Pebbles

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No doubts about it, white is in fashion, and these naturally found Swell White Pebbles can add a splash of modern style to your aquarium. Non-reactive, they will leave your water chemistry alone.


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Product Information

With more than a hint of the seas of the Greek islands, these beautiful White Pebbles add a classic touch to your aquarium. A natural product, they are irregular in shape and size, which means your tank will look unique.

Inert, these rocks will not affect the pH balance of the water, and as they are pre-washed they contain no pollutants to cloudy the water either. Free from dyes and powders, these stunning rocks can be used straight away.

We do recommend a brief rinse to remove any particles that may occur during transit.

White pebbles are available in 1kg bags which on average can be expected to contain around eight pebbles.

The pebbles are natural so sizes vary but they are roughly between 5-8cm in diameter.

Key Features:

  • Stunning white rocks
  • Inert - won't affect your water pH
  • No dyes and no powder
  • Gives a natural look to your aquarium
  • Great value

Latest Customer Reviews

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    Date 28/01/2016 09:01am
    Swell White Pebbles 1kg
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    nice sized pebbles .
  • Rating
    Date 23/09/2015 10:09am
    Swell White Pebbles 1kg
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  • Rating
    Date 04/06/2016 08:06am
    Swell White Pebbles 1kg
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    Look amazing in the tank great product