Tetra Marine Flakes

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Tetra Marine Flakes feature a tasty and nutritious blend of natural ingredients to give marine fish species the kind of dietary balance they need to thrive in your salt water aquarium. Great for species that prefer to feed on the surface, they are available from Swell at the best prices.


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Product Information

Tetra Marine Flakes

These tasty marine flakes from leading manufacturer Tetra are designed to provide your marine fish with the best diet possible.

A special formula of kelp, spirulina, algae, fish oils and even tiny crustaceans creates a high protein food that will support your fish's health.

A BioActive formula has been incorporated into the food to boost overall vitality and support a long and healthy life for your fish. Colours are also enhanced by the added vitamins and minerals too.

The flakes also float, which is great for surface feeders. Plus, as the food is very easy to digest there is little waste.

For variety, try the Tetra Marine Crisps, which are flavourful wafers packed with protein.

Feeding guide:

Feed 2 - 3 times a day, only as much as your fish can eat within a few minutes. Remove uneaten food.

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