Tetra Medica Contraspot

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Tetra Medica Contraspot helps the safe and effective treatment of whitespot in your aquarium. Whitespot is an external parasite and can be fatal to fish if left untreated, but this medicine is fast working in the right dosage and at an affordable price from Swell UK.


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Product Information

TetraMedica Contraspot is an effective and safe control for whitespot and other diseases caused by parasites. Weekly treatments are best to control problems.

Symptoms of parasitic infections:

  • White spots the size of pin heads
  • Irratic swimming and flicking
  • Rapid gill movements
  • Clamped fins
  • Thickened mucus coating

Key Features:

  • Effective and safe control for all tropical fish showing signs of parasite infection
  • Manufactured to highest international (GMP) standards
  • Effective against common external parasites such as flukes, whitespot, and protozoans (single-celled parasites)


Add 5ml per 20 litres (4.4 gallons) of aquarium water. Treatment should be repeated at weekly intervals. Prior to redosing, it is advisable to perform a 20-30% water change, using tap water conditioned with AquaSafe.

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