Tetra Pond Laborett Test Kit

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This Tetra Pond Laborett test kit features all the equipment you need to get accurate readings on the levels of important chemicals in your pond, helping you build and easy to understand picture of what is going on beneath the surface. Knowledge like this can help you adjust your pond chemistry correctly, creating the perfect environment for fish and plants.


  • Pond Laborett Test Kit
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Product Information

Tetra Pond Laborett Test Kit is a test kit that makes it easy for you to identify the water parameters within your pond.

It can be difficult to tell with the naked eye just how healthy your pond water is.

Clear water is not necessarily healthy water and a number of secret nasties can be lurking in your pond.

If nitrite or ammonia levels are high then fish can be harmed, which is where a test kit can come in useful.

Reliable and accurate, the Laborett Testing Kit provides a professional measurement of pond water parameters. Included within the kit are reagents, test vials, a water withdrawal syringe and easy to read colour scales to make analysis of the results an easy task. 


  • pH test (single solution)
  • Ammonia test (three solutions)
  • 3x test vials
  • Water withdrawal syringe
  • Colour scales (to judge test results)
  • Instruction booklet with recommendations and useful tips


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    Tetra Pond Laborett Test Kit
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