Tetra Pro Colour

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Tetra Pro Colour is designed with tropical fish in mind, helping them get the level of nutrition they need for growth and maintenance, as well as bringing out the best colours in their scales, increasing the natural beauty of your tropical aquarium.


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Product Information

Tetra Pro Colour is the ideal food for all types of tropical fish.

The crisp wafers do not disintegrate easily, retaining all of their shape to provide a nutritious meal. Full of naturally wholesome minerals and vitamins for a superbly healthy diet, each wafer ensures that your fish grow in the best of health.

Each wafer has colour concentrate centre, which contains a high dose of carotenoids to boost natural colours and beautifully healthy fish.

Pro Colour are suitable to use as an everyday food, as they contain a complete, naturally balanced recipe. They produce little waste, which means the water stays cleaner for longer. They also contain a low value of phosphates, which means a much lower risk of algae.

Available in 20g and 55g tubs.

Key Features:

  • Perfect food for community tropical fish
  • Crisp wafer for minimal waste
  • Low water pollution
  • Easy to digest
  • Low phosphates

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