Tetra Quick Test 6 In 1

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Tetra Quick Test 6 in 1 is a fast and easy way to test for the most important chemical factors at work in your garden pond. Simple to use, it can alert you in under a minute whether one of the chemicals in your pond is exceeding it


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Product Information

The Tetra Quick Test 6 in 1 kit contains everything you need to accurately test for 6 key parameters in your pond. Regular testing can ensure that any spikes or drops are quickly highlighted and treated before your fish and plants fall foul of poor water conditions.

Results can be read in around one minute, making this 6 in 1 test one of the most quick and accurate tests on the market. 

Test for:

  • Chlorine
  • Nitrite
  • Nitrate
  • pH
  • KH
  • GH

Instructions for use:

  • Simply dip one strip into the pond
  • Within a minute you will have readings for nitrite, pH, carbonate and total hardness, chlorine and nitrate levels.
  • Immediately compare the Chlorine test fields with those of the scale provided.
  • After 60 seconds compare the remaing test fields against the scale provided.

Contains 25 test strips.

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