TMC AquaBar Marine LED

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The TMC AquaBar Marine LED lights are white and blue lighting strips which are a fantastic low voltage and cost effective addition to an aquarium. Far more energy efficient than T5 and T8 lighting sets, LEDs are revolutionising aquarium keeping.


  • AquaBar Marine 500 White & Blue LED
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Product Information

TMC AquaBar Marine LED light are white and blue lighting strips for aquariums.

They can be angled for directional lighting, are low voltage and long lasting without generating heat. So they save both money and energy whislt providing the best results!

The TMC AquaBar Marine LEDs are fully compatible with the AquaRay MMS range and also can make excellent sump lighting.

The strips are manually dimmable when combined with an AquaBar Dimmer Switch (sold separately)

Key Features:

  • Low voltage
  • Long lasting
  • Energy efficient
  • Minimal heat emitted
  • Directional lighting option
  • Manually dimmable when teamed with an AquaBar Dimmer Switch
  • Excellent sump lighting

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