TMC AquaGro CO2 Canister 450ml

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This TMC AquaGro CO2 Canister 450ml can be the brilliant main feature in your planted aquarium's all-important CO2 system, ensuring your aquatic plants get a healthy and regular dose of carbon dioxide to help them feed.


  • AquaGro CO2 Canister
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Product Information

The TMC AquaGro CO2 Canister is a disposable 450ml CO2 canister designed to work with the AquaGro CO2 Starter Kits.

The AquaGro CO2 Kits are compact and efficient, providing your planted aquarium with the right amount of carbon dioxide for lush growth and beautiful results. 

Simply replace the spent canister with the full replacement for continually thriving plants.

1 x 450ml canister

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