TMC AquaGro CO2 Expert Set (Glass)

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This TMC AquaGro CO2 Expert Set (Glass) features everything you need to set up a professional standard CO2 diffusing system in your planted aquarium, ensuring your plants get the right dosage to ensure healthy and beautiful growth in your tank.


  • AquaGro CO2 Expert Set (Glass)
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Product Information

TMC are renowned for their aquatic expertise. This AquaGro CO2 Expert Hobby Set in glass is complete with everything you need to deliver the right amount of CO2 to your planted aquarium.

Carbon dioxide is a vital component in any planted aquarium, if levels drop plants will wilt and possibly die.

The kit comes complete with a 95g canister of CO2 plus a stand, which can be disseminated throughout the aquarium via the efficient diffuser included. We have replacement TMC AquaGro CO2 Canisters, which can be installed quickly.

The dose of CO2 is monitored via the bubble counter, so that you can check how much is dosed. There are several other accessories included too, such as a non-return valve and 2 metres of hose.

What's in the box?

  • CO2 'One Use' Cylinder 95g
  • Cylinder stand
  • Pressure Regulator Nano
  • Aqua Gro Diffuser
  • CO2 Bubble counter
  • Non-return valve
  • Dosing Pipette
  • 2m x flexible tubing - 4/6" in diameter.

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