TMC AquaRay 2 Control

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The TMC AquaRay Control is compatible for use with all AquaBeam products and uses a real time clock to control the dimming of the aquarium lighting. It is provided in a compact design with a simple user interface capable of reproducing sunset, sunrise, daylight and moonlight conditions


  • AquaRay 2 Channel Controller
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Product Information

Control all of your AquaBeam lighting units with the handy AquaRay Controller.

With two dimming control channels to independently set the lights to various light schedules from sunset to moonlight, the unit allows you to set a personalised light schedule. To accurately set the channels there is a real time clock.the controller i will allow you to ramp up and down the light in several intervals. A sigle controller will allow you to run either 2 AquaBeam strips or 1 AquaBeam Tile.

Key Features:

  • Two channel dimming control
  • Simple user interface
  • Easily create sunset, sunrise, daylight and moonlight phases
  • Compact design for easy mounting
  • Uses a real time clock for accurate timing
  • Compatible with all AquaBeam light units
  • Can control 2 strips or 1 tile
  • Two year guarantee

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