TMC Coral Gravel

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A more natural aquarium substrate, perfect for marine tanks, this TMC Coral Gravel is available at the best prices from Swell UK. Rather than just looking good, this substrate will soon become home to beneficial bacteria in your tank, performing like a natural water filter.


  • Coral Gravel Coarse - 4kg
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  • Coral Sand - 4kg
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Product Information

Well known for their expertise with all things aquatic, TMC Coral Gravel is an ideal substrate that not only provides a good base for your tank, but also supports healthy filtration.

The gravel has been graded to give a great colour, and is available in various sizes from 4mm to 10mm.

The highly porous structure of this gravel provides the ideal level of biological filtration, as friendly bacteria can form easily. As it has a large surface area this makes it a great way to bolster the filtration for a healthy and clean tank.

This gravel will not compact like other types of gravel, and it has a high buffering value which makes it ideal for marine aquariums and freshwater set ups which require a higher pH value.

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