TMC H2 Therm Micro Heaters

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TMC H2 Therm Micro Heaters are the perfect way to heat smaller or nano aquariums to the right temperature for the fish and other lifeforms you keep. Compact and durable, they come with a 12 month guarantee.


  • H2 Therm Micro Heater 15w
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Product Information

The AquaHabitats H2 Therm Micro Heater is ideal for micro or nano aquariums.

The discreet size makes it ideal for small aquariums, as it is slim too, it takes up little room and is easy to install. 

The Micro heater has a sensitive thermostat pre-set to 25C with a tolerance of 1C. (Based on a water temperature of up to 26C (78F) with a room termperature of 20C (68F))

It is contained in reinforced plastic casing, so it's durable and long lasting. As you would expect from TMC the heater is made from the best quality materials to provide the best quality performance.

It comes with a 12 month guarantee.

Dimensions: 136 x 22 x 15mm.


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