TMC Nutrasoil Brown

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TMC Nutrasoil Brown is a nutrient rich planted substrate, ideal for giving your aquatic plants something to feed from in your planted aquarium. Nutrients are released slowly from this nutritious substrate, for the long-lasting health of your plants.


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Product Information

AquaGro NutraSoil is a natural, complete soil that provides an attractive and nutritious foundation for aquatic plants. It slowly releases vital trace nutrients to the plant roots.

The texture allows for maximum root growth, which makes for healthy plants. The porous surface area also encourages good bacterial development for natural filtration, which also means less stress on the filter system.

NutraSoil lowers the pH value too, which means it is less acidic and great for aquatic plants and some fish. The delicate texture makes a perfect home for bottom dwellers.

The dense brown colour looks great in a planted aquarium, adding a natural look to your tank. This substrate is designed to be used alone - do not mix with a gravel.

Available in three sizes; 3l, 5l and 10l.

DO NOT mix with gravel.

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