TMC Pond Clear

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There are few ways to rid your pond of green water as efficient as a TMC Pond Clear UVC unit. To be used as part of your pond water filtration system, this unit uses UV light to fuse free-floating algae particles together, allowing them to be collected by your filter system and broken down, leaving you with cleaner, clearer and healthier water for your fish.


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Product Information

TMC have utilised UV technology to provide you with a viable, non-chemical way to treat the green water in your pond - the TMC Pond Clear range.

Featuring a robust and ergonomical design, and a green and black motif that will blend into your garden, the Pond Clear will effectively clarify your pond water, removing green water and algae and leaving everything crystal clear.

These units are suitable for use on the surface, connected to a filter or can be wall mountable (each supplied with a mounting kit).

Pond Clears have a four-stage hosetail design to take flexible hose from 0.5" to 1.25" which are held in place with screws on collars, allowing the disconnection of the hose and leaving the unit or the hose in situ for ease of servicing and maintenance.

Key Features:

  • Market leading product since the 1970s
  • Dimensions: 30 x 8.3 x 13.2cm
  • Lamp change indicator
  • Glowing, multi-stage hosetails for 0.5", 0.75", and 1" pipework (6w and 8w) and 0.75", 1" and 1.25" pipework (15w and 25w)
  • Suitable for ponds up to 2700 litres
  • Three year guarantee
  • Supplied with a five metre power cable

Product Specification

Product Max Pond Size Guarantee Inlet Pipe Size Outlet Pipe Size Filter Type
TMC Pond Clear 6w Ultra Violet 20-32mm 20-32mm 36 months 2730L/600gal
TMC Pond Clear 8w 3640L/800gal 36 months 20-32mm 20-32mm Ultra Violet
TMC Pond Clear 15w 6825L/1500gal 36 months 20-32mm 20-32mm Ultra Violet
TMC Pond Clear 25w 9100L/2000gal 36 months 20-32mm 20-32mm Ultra Violet

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