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TMC REEF-Skim DC Advanced protein skimmers are safe, low wattage skimmers that come in a compact, space saving design which allows easy installation in most sumps.


  • REEF Skim DC 300
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  • REEF Skim PRO 300 DC
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  • REEF Skim PRO 500 DC
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  • REEF Skim PRO 1000 DC
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  • REEF Skim PRO 2000 DC
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Product Information

The TMC Reef SkimDC Protein skimmers are a high performance, professional protein skimmer designed for aquariums up to 500ltrs. They are CNC engineered with high grade materials with the new advianced cone shaped body for optimum air-to-water contact which increases skimmer efficiency.

The DC range comes complete with a with a DC Pump controller, offering variable speed control and the precise adjustment of water flow, ensuring optimum performance. The unique, needle wheel injection system has been developed specifically to ensure the perfect mix of micro fine air bubbles and water for optimum skimming.

The controller also has an integrated feed timer which will shut off the pump for 10 minutes to allow easy feeding. The "soft start" feature increases impeller durability.

The unit also comes with a large, easy to remove collection cup with drain system that ensures all parts of the skimmer can be accessed for effortless maintenance and cleaning.

Key Features:

  • Supplied with low voltage DC Pump and controller
  • Precision Engineered
  • Conical Body Design for optimum efficiency
  • Patented bubble diffusion plate
  • Needle-Wheel injection system and pump
  • Accessible parts for easy cleaning
  • 5 models available for aquariums from 300 to 2000 Litres
  • 12 month guarantee
Product Specifications:
REEF-Skim 300DC

  • Aquariums up to 300L
  • Peak Air Flow 250 l/h
  • Dimensions: L160 x D120 x H440mm
REEF-Skim 500DC

  • Aquariums up to 500L
  • Peak Air Flow 300 l/h
  • Dimensions: L190 x D160 x H420mm
REEF-Skim 1000DC

  • Aquariums up to 1000L
  • Peak Air Flow 800 l/h
  • Dimensions: L235 x D190 x H500mm
REEF-Skim 1500DC

  • Aquariums up to 1500L
  • Peak Air Flow 1200 l/h
  • Dimensions: L255 x D210 x H530mm
REEF-Skim 2000DC

  • Aquariums up to 2000L
  • Peak Air Flow 2500 l/h
  • Dimension: L355 x D270 x H595mm

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