TMC V2 Auto Top-Up

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V2 Auto Top Up is a brilliant innovation for keeping your aquarium topped up that uses a mini pump in your reservoir. It is suitable for marine or freshwater aquariums


  • V2 Auto Top-Up - Standard x1 Float Switch
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  • V2 Auto Top-Up - Plus System 2x Float Switch
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Product Information

V2 Auto Top Upkeeps your fish tank topped up using a float and mini pump in your reservoir to pump the water into your aquarium.

All you need to do is put the pump into your reservoir, run the tube and wire from your reservoir to the tank. It easily fixes in place and when the float switch detects the water is too low, the pump begins.

V2 is a safe, low voltage auto top-up system and incorporates a high quality float switch. The unique mounting bracket has a locking suction cup (similar to how sat navs are fitted to car wind screens) which are obviously preferable to regular suction cups which don't last very long, particularly in salt water.

It also has a securing clamp to hold the top-up hosing in place so you don't have to try and find somewhere to anchor the tube.

It comes complete with an energy efficient 3.5w 12v DC pump capable of 200 l/hr (max head 2m) and 2m of flexible hosing.

There are a full range of spares and accessories available allowing additional components such as a solenoid valve (available separately) to be integrated.

There are two versions available, the Standard with one float switch and the Plus with two float switches meaning you could pump water to two tanks from the one reservoir.

Comes complete with a 1 year guarantee.

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