TMC V2 Pure Active Carbon Block (Cartridge)

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TMC V2 Pure Active Carbon Block (Cartridge) goes striaght into your RO unit to boost it's performance, reducing the levels of pollutants present in your water, for a cleaner, healthier aquarium.


  • V2 Pure Active Carbon Block (Cartridge)
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Product Information

Replace the carbon cartridge in your TMC V2 Pure RO Unit with the V2 Pure Active Carbon Block.

This 10" cartridge is designed to fit exclusively in the unit, to use simply remove the spent cartridge and replace.

Carbon is well used for its neutralising properties. It will remove contaminants such as chlorine from the water. It also removes traces of residue, colourants and odours too, making it an efficient media.

The life of the TMC Carbon Block is around 6 months, however this can differ in areas of poor water quality.

It will not leach any carbon particles into the water, so you can be confident that the water will be perfectly clean and clear.

Working Pressure is 120psi/8.28 bar, maximum.

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