TMC V2 Pure de-Ionisation Pod (500ml) inc resin

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TMC V2 Pure de-Ionisation Pod (500ml) including Resin helps to remove the potentially harmful ions from your tap water, giving you a batch of water with a clean chemical slate for use in your aquarium.


  • V2 Pure de-Ionisation Pod (500ml) inc resin
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Product Information

The V2 Pure De-Ionisation Pod is an optional extra for any of the TMC V2 Pure RO units.

It contains 500ml of deionised resin which will cleanse the water even more thoroughly, removing every possible trace of sediment, chemical and contaminant. Deionised resin has had all of the ions removed, meaning that all of the chemicals and pollutants have been removed from the resin, so none can be leached into the water.

To use, simply attach the Pod to the RO unit. Please note that it does not come with additional pipework. The Deionising Pod should be replaced when dissolvable solids are traceable in the RO water.

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