TMC V2 Skim Protein Skimmers

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TMC V2 Skim Protein Skimmers can handle your tank's excess protein with ease, giving you cleaner and healthier water than ever before, all for a great price at Swell UK along with the other TMC ranges.


  • V2 Skim 400
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  • V2 Skim 600
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  • V2 Skim 800
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  • V2 Skim 1000
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  • V2 Skim 1200
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  • V2 Skim 1500
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Product Information

V2 Skim Protein Skimmers are available from Swell UK at unbelievable prices.

The versatile design allows the V2Skim Protein Skimmer to be used either as an external "hang-on" skimmer or internally in a sump or aquarium.

The large tapered collection cup improves foam concentration and is easily removable for quick and effortless cleaning. On larger models (V2Skim 800, 1000, 1200 & 1500) there is also a drain port to allow skimmate to be drained to waste using the collection cup drain hose supplied.

Specially designed inlet pipe and bracket ensures quick installation and easy maintenance.

The water level adjustment dial allows water level and flow to be finely tuned to ensure optimum foam consistency and highly efficient skimming.

The V2Skim's unique outlet pipe assembly allows the water to be returned to the aquarium or sump at exactly the desired angle or location.

All V2Skim Protein Skimmers are supplied with a V2Bubble Stop which filters any remaining micro bubbles from the protein skimmer and prevents them from flowing into the aquarium or sump.

The V2Bubble Stop can also be used to provide additional post skimming filtration and the removable sponges mean that it can be incorporated with other filtration components and can be used to house other forms of filtration media such as carbon, using a V2Filter Media Bag (available separately).

Each V2Skim Protein Skimmer is supplied complete with a high performance pump which delivers the optimum flow rate that the venturi injection system requires.

Ozone compatible.

12 month guarantee.

V2 Skim Dimensions

Product Specification

Product Volume
TMC V2 Skim 400 Up to 400L
TMC V2 Skim 600 Up to 600L
TMC V2 Skim 800 Up to 800L
TMC V2 Skim 1000 Up to 1000L
TMC V2 Skim 1200 Up to 1200L
TMC V2 Skim 1500 Up to 1500L

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