Tropic Marin Expert Test Set

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This Tropic Marin Expert Test Set is a one stop lab for all your aquarium chemistry, allowing you to see what is going on in your tank at a chemical level, including checking up on important levels of pH, Nitrites, Nitrates, ammonia and KH - all the big bits that have to be right for superb quality aquarium water.


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Product Information

The Tropic Marin Expert Test Set provides highly precise testing for the most important water quality parameters within marine aquariums and includes all of the equipment required to produce accurate results.

All of these test kits produce fast and accurate results with clear, bold colour changes, for easy result reading. It also includes a comprehensive instruction manual to perform the tests and understand the results.

Routine testing is vital to keep a close eye on your aquarium, as if just one parameter falls, this can adversely affect the delicate balance in your  tank. Take a look at our large collection of treatments and additives to remedy any problem you encounter.

Key Features:

  • Allows testing for pH, KH / Alkalinity, Nitrite, Nitrate, Ammonia / Ammonium
  • Clear, bold colour changes
  • Includes all required testing equipment
  • For use in marine aquariums


  • pH - 100 tests
  • KH / Alkalinity - 100 tests
  • Nitrite - 20 tests
  • Nitrate - 20 tests
  • Ammonia / Ammonium - 30 tests

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    Tropic Marin Expert Test Set
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