Tropic Marin KH / Alkalinity Test Kit

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Test for KH and Alkalinity levels in your aquarium water using Tropic Marin's highly developed KH / Alkalinity Test Kit, giving you easy and accurate results that you can use to make accurate corrections to your tank's water quality, creating a better environment for your fish and corals.


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Product Information

The Tropic Marin KH / Alkalinity Test Kit

It's important to monitor the Carbonate Hardness or KH level in your aquarium. This element denotes how alkaline the water is, which can adversely affect fish health if the right overall pH balance is not maintained.

Test weekly to ensure that the delicate balance within your aquarium is always maintained. Use Tropic Marin RE-Mineral Marine to regulate the KH value for a healthy aquarium.

Key Features:

  • Suitable for marine aquariums
  • Reagents
  • Glass vial
  • Colour chart to compare findings
  • Enough solution for 100 tests

How to use:

  • Shake the dropper bottle
  • Rinse the vial in tap water, and then several times in aquarium water. Finally fill with 5ml of aquarium water.
  • Counting each drop, add the KH reagent drop by drop. Until the solution changes from green to red/orange.
  • Each drop of reagent counted denotes one degree of hardness. So for example 6 drops = 6⁰ dKH
  • Always rinse out the glass vial and measuring syringe with tap water

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    Tropic Marin KH / Alkalinty Test Kit
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    all Tropic Marin Products are 1st class in my opinion have been using them for at least 12 years with no complaint