Tropic Marin Salt

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Tropic Marin Salt can be mixed with RO water to make perfect salt water for your marine aquarium. Sourced as naturally as possible, it helps you create the perfect environment for marine fish, corals and plants while maintaining the perfect pH level.


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Product Information

Tropic Marin Sea Salt has been designed to restore the delicate balance in your salt water aquarium. Tropic Marin have a range of products to ensure a healthy equilibrium in your aquarium, and this efficient salt is a great starting point.

Natural elements are quickly depleted from aquarium water, as plants, fish and other life forms absorb them for food, health and more. In an aquarium they must be restored regularly to ensure levels are always high enough. The pH balance is also maintained as the built in buffers work to restore the alkalinity.

Topic Marin have designed this Sea Salt to make sure that even the most densely packed tank is catered for. Corals, plants, invertebrates and fish will all benefit from the nutrients it delivers.

Key Features

  • Free from nitrates and phosphates
  • Great for even heavily stocked aquariums
  • Regulates the pH level
  • 99% natural ingredients
  • 70 trace elements

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