Vitalis Platinum Marine Pellets

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These Vitalis Platinum Marine Pellets are a perfect food for communities of marine fish, featuring a balanced nutritional profile for many salt water species, and at a great price from Swell UK.


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Product Information

Vitlais Platinum Marine Pellets (formally known as Newera Aegis Pellets) provide all of the nutrition that marine fish need.

Packed with protein, these pellets are made with fish and fish products to ensure that your aquatic life receives the best diet possible. It can be used as a complete food or used to supplement other foods.

This food is especially good to use during times of fish stress, such as moving to a new tank, when stress can acerbate infections and diseases. Added vitamins and minerals will support a healthy diet and boost colours too.

Vitalisa recommend that this food is used on a rotation basis with their Marine Pellets for a healthy, balanced diet.


Key Features:

  • Soft sinking pellets
  • Promotes a strong immune system
  • Boosts colours
  • Natural recipe from sustainable ingredients
  • Low waste formula

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