Vitalis Rift Lake Cichlid Pellets - Red

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Vitalis Rift Lake Cichlid Pellets Red are specially designed for carnivorous cichlids from the African Rift Lakes


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Product Information

Vitalis Rift Lake Cichlid Pellets Red (formally known as Newera Rift Lake Cichlid Pellets Red) is suitable for all predatory (carnivorous) chichlid species from the African Rift Lakes.

The high level of crustaceans and molluscs in this recipe make this the perfect food for Cichlids from this region as it as close as possible to their natural diet. Fish proteins are also included, plus vegetable matter, vitamins and minerals for the optimum diet.

The tablets sink softly into the water, making them easy to feed on. They also retain their shape, so waste is reduced - which means a cleaner tank.

Suitable for the following species:

  • Haplochromis
  • Alonocara
  • Protomelas
  • Judiochromis
  • Nimbochromis
  • Neolamprologus

Key Features:

  • Unique soft sinking pellets
  • Less waste
  • Specially formulated for carnivorous African cichlids

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