Waterlife Parazin P Tablets

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Waterlife Parazin P Tablets are a pond water treatment designed to target parasites like worms and lice that can effect the health and wellbeing of your fish. Used in the correct doseage, it is very effective and should have things back to normal in no time.


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Product Information

Parazin P from Waterlife will eradicate parasites from your pond water and stop them from invading your ornamental pond fish.

Parasites can quickly injure and even kill off your fish stocks. Look out for visible signs of worms or lice on the skin, erratic swimming, lack of energy and emaciation. When you notice the symptoms, often the parasite has already taken hold. New one-shot Parazin P destroys these and other insect and crustacean pests in garden ponds.

The tablets kill:

  • Fish Lice
  • Anchor Worm
  • Gill Magotts
  • Water Tigers and more

Product Specification

Product Size Treats
Waterlife Parazin P 20 Tablets 20 Tablets 500gal/2273Ltrs
Waterlife Parazin P 80 Tablets 80 Tablets 2000gal/9092Ltrs

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