Wavepoint HO LED Super Blue & Daylight 24 inch

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Bring out the deepest blues in your tropical aquarium by lighting it with a Wavepoint HO LED Super Blue & Daylight 24 inch strip light. More energy efficient than older fluorescent models, they emit a strong light in a beautiful blue colour spectrum to replicate a natural feel.


Product Information

The Wavepoint LED High Output Strip uses long lasting photon energy to make the very best of your tropical tank.

Using a combination of 5 Super Blue and 5 10,000K Daylight this LED unit is perfect for highlighting the colours of your tropical tank. The high colour temperature will replicate natural light whilst creating a shimmer effect in the water, close to the natural effect of light in the ocean.

Using LED lighting saves both energy and power, as the bulbs are long lasting and cost effective.

The water resistant, tough casing is durable and tough to withstand long use.

Key Features:

  • 3 in 1, Use as a complete fixture, slim fixture or Retrofit kit
  • Suitable for a tropical tank only
  • Long lasting & money saving
  • Mimics natural sunlight and provides shimmer effect
  • Water resistant construction
  • Low voltage energy efficient UL listed transformer
  • 24" in length

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