Yamitsu Tank / Liner Connectors

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Yamitsu Tank / Liner Connectors help you make a secure connection between your tank and your pond liner, ensuring no leaks are caused, keeping your water either in your pond or your filtration system.


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Product Information

Yamtisu Tank and Liner connectors are ideal for solvent weld fitting for pond filter inlets or outlets. Essential for creating strong, relaible connections through the sides of your pool or pond, this selection has been made to the highest standard. 

Made to the highest standard, these connectors will create a flush, secure seal in your garden pond. Avaialble in a variety of sizes, simply choose the right one for you and add to the basket.

Suitable for use with solvent weld pipe. 

Product Specification

Product Size
Yamitsu Tank Liner Connector 1.5" 11/2in
Yamitsu Tank Liner Connector 2" 2in
Yamitsu Tank Liner Connector 3" 3in
Yamitsu Tank Liner Connector 4" 4in

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