Aquarium Systems A la Carte Reef Mist (Plankton)

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Aquarium Systems A La Carte Reef Mist is an aquatic fish food made from natural plankton. It helps feed coral reefs, the fish that live in them, as well as anemones, crabs and shrimps! Perfect for marine coral fish tanks.


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Product Information

This Aquarium Systems A la Carte Reef Mist (Plankton) is the perfect, easy to use, food for a variety of aquatic life:

  • Corals and the fish that feed off them.
  • Anemones and their inhabitants such as clown fish, crabs and shrimps.
  • Invertebrates including feather dusters, fan worms, clams, sponges and more.

This delicious food contains micro and macro algae, both phyto and zoo plankton and yeast. It contains a variety of vitamins, minerals and trace elements for a boosted immune system, overall health and vitality.

The food also activates the helpful bacteria that promotes nitrification and denitrification and therefore encourages a healthy, balanced tank.

Directions: ΒΌ teaspoon to 80 litres per day.

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