API Calcium Test Kit

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API Calcium Test Kit is a great aquarium test system to keep handy, espeically when first setting up your tank. Calcium is naturally present in your fish tank, but levels need to be kept in check to ensure perfect water quality for the aquatic life in your underwater oasis. Available at the best prices at Swell UK.


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The API Calcium Test Kit is ideal for use in reef aquariums. Corals, crutaceans and invertebrates take calcium from the water and use it to fortify their calcerous skeletons. Levels are quickly depleted in a busy aquarium and must be maintained. 

This handy tritation kit allows you to easily test the calcium levels. It is able to determine levels as low as 20mg/l. It includes detailed instructions on how to complete the calcium test and a user friendly colour chart to help understand the results.

Use a suitable calcium supplement to top up and make sure that your reef has everything it needs.

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