API Goldfish Care Pack

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Maintain your Goldfish tank with the API Care Pack, all the additives and treatments you need in one bottle, helping you to create the perfect environment for your goldfish.


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Product Information

The API Goldfish Care Pack is the perfect starter pack for those new to fish keeping. It contains two 30ml containers of products in handy trial pack size.

The pack contains a bottle of API Goldfish Protect, which removes chlorine and chloramines from the water, while detoxifying the naturally occurring ammonia produced by the goldfish.

The kit also includes API Goldfish Aquarium Cleaner, which works naturally to break down the solid fish waste within the aquarium, as well as helping to keep gravel clean from organic sludge.


Goldfish protect - 5ml of treatment per 10l of aquarium water

Aquarium Cleaner - 5ml of treatment per 38l of aquarium water

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