API High Range pH Test Kit

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Using titration technology, these handy test kits come with a corresponding colour chart, allowing you to quickly gain knowledge of your aquarium's current pH levels, which can effect numerous chemical and biological processes in your tank. Keep your fish healthy and safe with API High Range pH Test Kits, famous for their accuracy and ease of use.


  • High pH Test Kit
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Product Information

The API High pH Test Kit comes from an advanced range of test kits that are known for precision and ease of use.

This test kit uses the titration method and is specially designed for testing high levels of pH. It comes with a precise colour chart with detailed instructions and includes approximately 160 tests per kit.

A sign of high pH levels would be green algae growth on walls and ornaments, which in-turn will make the water highly toxic for fish. The best treatment for high pH would be pH down, and for low pH use the pH down

You can monitor your pH using the a pH Alert

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