API High Range pH Test Kit

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API High Range pH Test Kits are famous for their accuracy at ease of use. Using titration technology, these handy test kits come with a corresponding colour chart, allowing you to quickly gain knowledge of your aquarium's current pH levels, which can effect numerous chemical and biological processes in your tank.


  • High pH Test Kit
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Product Information

The API High pH Test Kit comes from an advanced range of test kit that are known for precision and ease of use.

This test kit uses the titration method and is specially designed for testing high levels of. It comes with a precise colour chart with detailed instructions and includes approximately 160 tests per kit.

Ideal to test the pH in:

  • Cichlid aquariums
  • Marine aquariums
  • Areas with very alkaline tap water

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    Date 10/09/2017 22:09pm
    API High pH Test Kit
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    It was what I expected and nothing more
  • Rating
    Date 07/04/2016 09:04am
    API High pH Test Kit
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    Confirmed what I already thought... very high PH in water
  • Rating
    Date 05/03/2016 08:03am
    API High pH Test Kit
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    Excellent I will be back for more thanks again