API Leaf Zone

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API Leaf Zone is a highly effective water treatment designed to be rapidly absorbed by plant leaves and promote lush, beautiful growth. API Leaf Zone contains a blend of iron and potassium, in radios to best produce healthy, attractive aquarium plants


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Product Information

API Leaf Zone is perfect for planted aquariums. It contains a blend of iron and potassium which boost healthy, beautiful plant growth.

It's free from both nitrate and phosphates, so you can be confident that there is no risk of algae, just gorgeous greenery. Leaf Zone is rapidly absorbed, taking the nutrients straight to where it's needed, and boosting healthy lush results.

Key Features:

  • Contains both iron & potassium for beautiful growth
  • Quickly absorbed
  • Weekly use for best results
  • Dosage: Add 5ml per 38 litres / 8.4 gallons of aquarium water.

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