API Nexx - Filter Foam Set

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API Nexx Filter Foam is a refill pack of filter sponges for the API Rena Nexx External Filter. It is a coarse filter sponge that easily removes the larger debris particles from your water and provides a healthy home for healthy filter bacteria to break down your biological waste in the tank.


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Product Information

Nexx filter foam is a two pack of filter foam designed for use with the API Nexx filter.

This coarse material will remove the finest particles from the water, it is designed to use in place of the caddy and standard four sided filter media. It can be used with pouch media such as the API Crystal range.

It is specially shaped and provides a coarse layer of filtration media.

Directions for use:

  1. Remove the caddy
  2. Place the filter foam in the bottom of the filter canister
  3. Wash with aquarium water every four weeks. Replace fully every 3 months.

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    Date 20/09/2016 12:09pm
    API Nexx FIlter Foam (2 pack)
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    Very positive in keeping the water Christal clear