API Nitrite Test Kit

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API Nitrite Test Kit's are available from Swell UK so you can take charge of the potentially dangerous Nitrite levels in your freshwater or marine aquarium. Up to 90 tests can be performed with each kit, giving you accurate readings each time so you can take action if nitrite levels get too high.


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Product Information

Nitrites are formed as ammonia is broken down. Toxic and potentially lethal to fish, they can quickly pollute the water and suffocate plants and fish.

API's Nitrite Test Kit is equipped to carry out 180 tests, and can be used in both fresh and salt water aquariums. The test can read levels between 0 and 5ppm.

The test works quickly to give you an accurate reading.

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    API Nitrite Test Kit,API
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    Date 23/09/2017 09:09am
    API Nitrite Test Kit
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    Great test kit, easy to use!