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API pH Down is a great water treatment for maintaining consistent pH levels in your aquarium water, optimising your water chemistry for the life in your fish tank. Fast-acting and colourless, it can quickly bring your pH levels down to where they need to be, creating a better environment for your fish.


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Product Information

API pH Down is a fast and effective water treatment that is designed to lower the pH of freshwater aquarium by neutralising carbonate hardness in the water. As well as being fast acting and colourless, this water treatment can also be used with aquarium plants and is completely colourless.

API pH Down is particularly useful for adjusting the pH level of the fish tank to a more acidic level. This is especially useful when keeping fish such as mollies, angelfish and swordtails.

Key Features:

  • Lowers pH of aquarium water
  • Fast acting
  • Colourless
  • Easy to use
  • For use with freshwater aquariums
  • Lack of phosphates mean it can be safely used with aquarium plants

To test your pH Levels why not try one of our High Range pH Test Kits?

Dosage: Add two drops for every 3.78 litres of water / 0.83 gallon

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