API Pond Master Liquid Test Kit

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API Pond Mater Test Kits are perfect for keeping a close eye on the most important chemical factors that effect the health of your pond and the livestock kept in it. Keep ahead of your levels of Ammonia, Phosphate, Nitrite and pH easily with this fantastic and popular test kit, so you can take swift and effective action before problems even become apparent.


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Product Information

The API Pond Care Master Kit includes everything you need to accurately and reliably test for 4 main parameters:

  • Ammonia
  • Phosphate
  • Nitrite
  • Ph

Regular testing is vital to ensure that your pond is as healthy as possible, and to spot any potential problems as early as possible. The Master Kits colour chart makes reading your results simple. After the testing stage is complete please feel free to browse our range of treatments to find the one you need.

The kit comes packed in a sturdy plastic case to protect the equipment when not in use. It includes 4 test vials. 6 test bottles, a holding tray, syringe, colour chart and an instruction booklet.

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