API Quick Start

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Help to kick-start your aquariums filtration and keep harmful levels of ammonia and nitrite down with API Quick Start. This easy-to-use aquarium additive is ideal for new tanks, or when water has been changed


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Product Information

API Quick Start helps to reduce the chance of fish loss when starting a new tank by limiting the toxic ammonia within fish tanks from building up.

Often known as "new tank syndrome", the harmful levels of ammonia and nitrite due to fish waste will often prove fatal to fish, before the natural filtration can be established. This 237ml bottle contains live nitrifying bacteria that will immediately jump start your tank's natural filtration.

Key Features:

  • 237ml bottle of API Quick Start
  • Helps to jump start natural tank filtration
  • Reduces dangerous ammonia and nitrite levels

Dosage: 237ml of API Quick Start will treat 870 litres of water.

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