API Rena Nexx - Prevent Algae Size 4

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A fantastic cartridge insert for the API Rena Nexx External Filter, this Rena Nexx Prevent Algae (Size 4) helps to reduce the potentially high phosphate levels in your aquarium which can otherwise lead to build ups of unsightly algae, clogging your tank and filter and ruining your well-cultivated look. Grab a refill cartridge from Swell UK to get them at the best price.


  • Nexx - Prevent Algae Size 4 (2 pack)
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Product Information

API Prevent Algae controls silicate and eliminates cloudy water caused by phosphates. It is designed for use with the API Rena Nexx Filter and Extension Module.

API Prevent Algaeis scientifically proven to remove phosphate and silicate, common nutrients found in fresh and saltwater aquariums.

It reduces maintenance. Promotes the growth of reef-building corals and prevents calcium precipitation caused by excess phosphate. Safe for all fish, invertebrates and planted aquariums.

Prevent Algae offers multi-stage filtration to remove small and large aquarium pollutants. 4 sized micro filtration pad cartidge for mechanical filtration, filled with superior resins for chemical filtration. 100% of water passes through the cartridge for best eficacy. No by-pass. Easy to change - no mess.

Rena Nexx replacement Prevent Alage cartridge for the Nexx filter and Nexx filter extension.

Size 4 two cartridges included.

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    Date 13/11/2015 15:11pm
    API Nexx - Prevent Algae Size 4 (2 pack)
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    Does what it says it will
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    Date 05/04/2015 07:04am
    API Nexx - Prevent Algae Size 4 (2 pack)
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