API Seven Day Pyramid Fish Feeder

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When you cant be there to feed your fish, this API Seven Day Pyramid Fish Feeder can do the work for you! A food block packed with a long-lasting balanced meal of pellets, rich in vitamins and minerals, it slowly releases food into your tank for your fish to munch on. Perfect for short getaways!


  • Seven Day Pyramid Fish Feeder
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Product Information

The API Seven Day Pyramid Fish Feeder is designed to take care of your fish when you can't be there.

The food is packed into a nutritious feeding block of pellets, which are made from energy rich foods, full of vitamins and minerals. As the fish feed on the dissolving pellets, a central chamber is slowly revealed which contains a tasty treat.

Fish will be automatically attracted to the food source, and as it dissolves slowly, they will eat just what they need.


  • Place the Feeder into the aquarium.
  • One Pyramid should last a 38 litre aquarium for 5 -10 days, depending upon the amount of fish.
  • In hard water areas, the block may dissolve quicker.

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