API White Spot Cure

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White Spot can be a big problem for fish, but you can treat infectionswith API White Spot solution. It helps to restore the fish's natural barrier against white spot, meaning the parasite can


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Product Information

API White Spot Cure is a freshwater fish medication for the treatment of white spot disease.

It works by producing a secondary barrier against secondary infection, restoring the slime coating which has been attacked by the white spot parasite.

White spot disease is also known as Ick, a parasitic infection that can spread alarmingly quickly. If you spot the symptoms, act fast to hopefully stop it in its tracks.


  • Disorientated swimming
  • Gills folded against the body - breathing can be affected and can be fatal
  • The fish may scratch against stones and other objects as the parasite attacks
  • White spots (size of a pinhead)

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    API White Spot Cure 118ml
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    API White Spot Cure 118ml
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    API White Spot Cure 118ml
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