Aqua Medic Algae Magnets

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Aqua Medic Algae Magnets are perfect for cleaning the algae deposits stuck to the glass of your aquarium walls. While scrapers can be effective, they can be messy and difficult to use in larger, deeper tanks. This magnetic pair gives you easier access to those hard to reach areas with its strong magnetic grip.


  • Mega Mag 1
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Product Information

The Aqua Medic Mega Mag cleaners are a reliable way to remove algae from your aquarium.

These super strong magnetic cleaners work quickly and easily to rid stubborn algae marks from your tank. They contain Neodym magnets so should be handled carefully.

The inner part of the set that sits in the aquarium has a cleaning pad that can be replaced. The outer magnet has a soft felt pad to ensure that the outside of your aquarium will not get scratched.

To ensure that the inner magnet can be retrieved more easily, a cord can be attached for easy removal from the water. Each magnet is completely sealed and will not corrode, whether used in fresh or salt water aquariums.

To use, put the magnets into position and move the outer magnet. This will attract the inner magnet to move too and clean away tough algae marks.

Mega Mag cleaners are available in 2 models:

  • Mega Mag 1 for glass from 10 - 19 mm (c. 0.4" - 0.75")
  • Mega Mag 2 for glass from 15 - 32 mm (c. 0.6" - 1.25")

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