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Aqua Medic Aqualife + Vitamine works in freshwater fish tanks to turn simple tap water into water that is suitable for sustaining healthy aquatic life. Even better, it helps your fish develop their mucus membrane, protecting them from a range of health problems.


  • Aqualife +Vitamine 250ml
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Product Information

Aqua Medic's Aqualife water conditioner for freshwater aquariums works by preparing tap water for aquatic use.

It conditions the water so it becomes suitable for even the most delicate fish and plants. Special protective colloids protect the mucous membrane and the gastro-intestinal tract of the fish. Aqualife converts heavy metals and chlorine into harmless compounds and should be used at every water change, and after the termination of disease treatments.

Added vitamin E boosts fishes immune system and as such their vitality.

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Aqua Medic Aqualife +Vitamine 250ml Up to 1500Ltrs

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