Aqua Medic EcoDrift Pump

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Aqua Medics Eco Drift circulation pumps are a high efficient, low voltage circulation pumps for reef and marine aquariums complete with a Wi-Fi enabled controller.


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Product Information

The Eco Drift pump is quiet in operation and will create wave like motions in your tank, the controller has multiple settings so you can control the wave frequency and output. This compact product is built on a 180° pivoting bracket which includes noise reducing components.

There are many different settings available with the controller:

  • W1 - Speed setting from 20 - 100 and on/off pattern (rocking wave pattern).
  • W2 - Increase and decreases speed of the pump (Smooth wave pattern)
  • C - Creates a constant flow
  • Random - Creates a more realistic effect by mixing all of the above settings
  • Night Mode - Reduces pump power by 50%

Key Features:

  • Light sensor for reducing the current automatically at night
  • Vibration-reducing magnetic holder
  • 180° swivelling
  • For Saltwater aquarium
  • WI-FI enabled controller

Product Tank Size Pump LPH Wattage Dimensions Glass Thickness
EcoDrift 4.1 300L 800-4000LPH 3-10W 90mm 15mm
EcoDrift 8.1 800L 1600-8000LPH 8-20W 106mm 15mm
EcoDrift 15.1 1500L
3000-15000LPH 10-35W 136mm 15mm

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