Aqua Medic Hydrocarbonate

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Aqua Medic Hydrocarbonate is carefully refined and pure calcium carbonate, helping you to increase the hardness of your aquarium water to better suit life that thrives in hard water conditions, especially corals in marine tanks.


  • Hydrocarbonate 1l pot (Fine 1-2mm)
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Aqua Medic Hydrocarbonate is a pure calcium carbonate for use in calcium reactors, and may be used in filters to increase the hardness of water, and as a substrate material in marine or Malawi/Tanganyika aquarium.

A natural calcium-carbonic acid equilibrium is created in all aquariums with an alkaline pH value. in a calcium reactor supplied with CO2, the hydrocarbonate is completely dissolved to calcium bicarbonate, which is need for the healthy formation of corals etc.

It is available in various sizes; fine (1-2mm), medium (3-4mm), and coarse (8-12mm).

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Aqua Medic Hydrocarbonate 1l pot (Fine 1-2mm) Medium - For use with Calcium Reactors

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