Aqua Medic Miniflotor Internal 200ltr

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Perfect for 200 litre aquariums, this Aqua Medic Miniflotor Internal protein skimmer keeps protein levels low in your aquarium water. Efficient and reliable, it is priced well from Swell UK.


  • Miniflotor Internal Protein Skimmer 200ltr
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Product Information

The Aqua Medic Internal Miniflotor 200 ltr protein skimmer is ideal for fish tanks of up to 200 litres.

The Miniflotor is small in size but it more than makes up for this in performance. It boasts a double reaction cylinder system for optimum results.

Air bubbles rise within the inner cylinder and carry large amounts of water as they do so. This water then drops into the outer cylinder, leaving the air bubbles to rise into the foam cup. Waste products are held within these bubbles which are then retained. This process is lengthy meaning that the maximum amount of waste is removed by the bubbles.

The unit also has a very durable holding plate which means the skimmer can move vertically. A lime wood stone is also included to provide a thin stream of bubbles within the tank.

For the air supply, we recommend the membrane air pump Mistral 200.

Now, with new foam cup design. Diameter: 50 mm, c. 2". Length: 45 cm, c. 18". Total width: 15 cm, c. 6".

Miniflotor Operations Manual

Product Specification

Product Guarantee Size
Aqua Medic Miniflotor Internal Protein Skimmer 200ltr 1 year 5x45x15cm

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